If you’re turning off the Direct Star tv for the weekend and making the journey to great north, check out all the great things there are to do in the Connecticut River Valley Region here in Vermont. It may surprise you!
Godspeed Opera House: If you’ve got an artistic side you’ve got to make a pilgrimage to one of the most majestic opera houses in the country. It overlooks the surging Connecticut river and you’ll catch some of the finest performances in the area here but don’t forget to dress in evening wear.
Gilette Castle: It was completed in the 1900s but this 150 acre estate resembles a medieval masterpiece. Spend an afternoon touring the grounds and the house’s many rooms and don’t forget to bring the kids they’ll love it.
Old New-Gate Prison and Copper Mine: Wonder what an abandoned copper mine from the 1700s looks like inside? Wonder no more; here you can picnic and journey to the center of the earth while getting a history lesson in the commercial mining world of Vermont.

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