Vacationing along the Connecticut river can be an amazing experience for anyone who wants to enjoy something out of the ordinary. Not only is it beautiful, this powerful river which is the longest river in the area is full of rich history.

Fishing is one of the favorites things for people to do who vacation here. Small mouth bass and trout are easy to catch and even the novice fisherman will find all the fish he is looking for. It is possible to get a trophy rainbow trout or a brown trout even with limited experience. Fly fishing and light spinning can also be done. The catch and release program is enjoyed by many people along the Connecticut river banks also. It is possible to hire a guide for the more serious fisherman, but either way, the whole experience is great and one that will not soon be forgotten.

Camping is also possible and there are many private and federal campgrounds that dot the area along the river. Families enjoy all the beauty of the area and can hike, bike and fish to their hearts content. Picnicking is also popular for day trips to the river and there are many shelters and covered areas that can be reserved to have family parties and activities. A trip to the Connecticut River is something everyone will enjoy and it is right there just waiting for locals and tourists to enjoy.

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