The Connecticut River In Vermont
The longest river in New England, the Connecticut, wends its way through several New England states. It is also the largest river in New England and historically was a main asset for farmers and traders. The name of the river comes from the native Algonquin word, “quinetuket” which meant “long tidal river”. French explorers of the river refined the name to “Connecticut”. Vermonters are fiercely protective of this river. Thanks to legislation known as the “Water Quality Act” of 1965, the river and its tributaries have been spared the damages of water pollution with due diligence of the state of Vermont.

Cultural Day Trips Along the Connecticut River in Vermont
Today, as part of Vermont tourism, visitors can enjoy cultural day trips along the Connecticut that are inspiring as well as relaxing and scenic. There are a number of exceptional bridges with a New England flair that are seen on day trips. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity for fishing and boating, a particular summer and autumn favorite of visitors to Vermont. This is the simple life with simple pleasures and a deeply embedded Vermont respect for culture and history of the Connecticut River.

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