Must-See Attractions along the Connecticut River in Vermont

The Connecticut River is New England’s largest river and runs New Hampshire to Vermont. Designated as an American Heritage River, the banks are lined with small towns, educational museums and natural sanctuaries that protect and showcase the local ecology.

Don’t miss a trip on the Connecticut River Byway, which passes through the charming town of White River Junction in Vermont. Stop at Valley Food and Farm to sample the area’s most delicious and fresh organic produce including succulent strawberries and juicy tomatoes.

Further explore the historic town by walking the tree-lined streets to the nearby Main Street Museum. This bizarre collection of taxidermy and curiosities is a must-see for travelers looking for a unique experience. The museum also hosts concerts and performances by local talents.

The Rockingham Meeting House in Rockingham, Vermont is a must-see for history and architecture buffs. The building dates back to 1787 and was restored to its original state in the early 20th century. A stunning example of early American architecture, the house is a National Historic Landmark.

The American Precision Museum in Windsor, Vermont traces the history of mechanical arts from the earliest colonies. Exhibits focus on early American innovations and their lasting effect on our nation’s history. Demonstrations of tools bring history to life and are not to be missed.

While in Windsor, take time to explore the “birthplace of Vermont.” Home to the Old Constitution House and Cornish Colony Museum, visitors will learn about the state’s history in buildings dating back to the 18th century. Nature lovers will enjoy an afternoon exploring the Ascutney State Park, which features stunning views of the Connecticut River and sits on 2000 acres of untouched forest. The adventurous will not want to miss a chance to hang glide over the old-growth trees and spend the night under the stars at the park’s many campgrounds.