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What We Offer

We provide a fully modernized facility housed in an updated classic Victorian home.  We offer all the amenities you need for elder care or support for living with disabilities, from high-speed internet to accessible ramp entrances while retaining the old-fashioned charm and beauty of the original historic architecture.  This unique combination allows us to support you in a remarkably comfortable and familiar home-type setting.

Our staff are delighted to spend the time it takes to patiently promote independence while offering needed care, so residents can contribute to the shared household by continuing to enjoy things like raised bed porch gardening, assisting with meal preparation, visiting with our cat, Bear, and other familiar daily activities that make a house a home.

Flowers and low stone wall around Riverbend sign

Apply today for yourself or your loved one to become a resident of our home.

Print and fill out the Resident Application and Admissions Questionnaire below or contact us for print copies, then email or call for an appointment to discuss next steps. 

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